Spartan Controls Rebrand

The Challenge

Develop an updated brand identity aligning Spartan Controls with both Emerson and the 20 other Impact Partners across North America, while retaining the strength and individuality of the Spartan brand.

Several various concepts were explored utilizing the previous Spartan brand, various elements attributed to the Spartan's of Ancient Greece and abstract elements.

The Solution

A design balanced with graphical and text based elements conveying Spartan's long-established history as a solid choice for their customers, while focusing on simplicity and clarity to reflect their modern and innovative vision.

On second take, leveraging the swoosh, an S becomes visible within the white space, and a C becomes visible through the coloured elements, standing for Spartan Controls. In a world dominated by marketing messages, this contemporary invitation for a double take draws focus to Spartan is and what they represent, providing an engaging way to communicate that they are innovative and forward-thinking company.

The circle around the abstract mark represents a shield, paying respect to our enduring Spartan philosophy and demonstrating our commitment to protecting the customers interests. 

The complete design is dynamic, suggesting quickness ensuring their customers that they can rely on Spartan to respond quickly whenever they needed. The way in which the colored elements fit together is symbolic of Spartan's collaboration with their customers, Emerson, their principals, the communities Spartan is proud to represent, and each other. 

The updated identity has been utilized across various applications including on proprietary products, fleet vehicles, print and digital advertisements, and promotional items such as coffee mugs, bluetooth speakers, golf balls, apparel, and more.

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